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Living Shorelines (ReefBlk)

ReefBlkSM is a system of vertical oyster reef configurations that has been proven to provide efficient erosion control, shoreline protection, habitat development, and rapid sediment accumulation.  CEI professionals have developed this living shoreline technique, which can be modified to meet project needs and widely implemented throughout coastal areas.  ReefBlkSM units have been deployed to protect coastlines from Texas to Florida.  ReefBlkSM can be used for large-scale shoreline protection projects to protect and restore smaller segments of coastline on private property. We offer full-service implementation of these living shoreline structures, from construction to field staging and installation. 

ReefBlkSM Living Shorelines provide:

Shoreline Protection

Archaeological Site Preservation

Erosion Control

Provision of Oyster, Fish, and Bird Habitat

Marsh Shoreline Progradation

Sediment Accretion

Development of Marsh Habitat


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