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Coastal Environments, Inc. (CEI) is a Baton Rouge-based small business that has provided environmental services in the area of applied science, planning, and cultural resources since 1967. The CEI team has practiced the concept that the application of natural processes and planning principles to the management of natural systems leads to the successful integration of economic development and resource conservation. This approach remains the hallmark of CEI.​

An interdisciplinary-team approach permits coordination of a project from the planning and design stages through research and analysis to final implementation and monitoring.  The firm's experienced team of scientists and technical-support staff provide efficient and cost-effective project completion throughout the Gulf Coast and Mississippi Alluvial Valley, with offices in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Coastal Environments, Inc. is dedicated to the concept of planning for future development, based upon the scientific understanding and aesthetic appreciation of our natural and cultural resources. Through combining the talents of a nationally and internationally recognized team of specialists with worldwide experience in applied research and consulting, we are able to serve government, industry, and private-sector clients throughout the Gulf Coast.

Coastal Environments, Inc. is certified as a small entrepreneurship with the Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Veteran's Initiative and the LED Hudson Initiative.​​

 Recent News: 
Dr. Sherwood Gagliano was presented with the first Distinguished Alumnus Award by Dr. Craig E. Colten, on behalf of the LSU Department of Geography and Anthropology, at the Annual Meeting of the Southwest Division of the American Association of Geographers in Baton Rouge on October 5, 2018.  Dr. Gagliano received a doctorate from the Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University in 1967, while conducting research in the Coastal Studies Institute and teaching.  He was honored for his pioneering research in identifying, quantifying and mapping the extent and causes of coastal land loss and advocating for pro-active wetland and barrier island restoration.  Dr. Gagliano is the CEO of Coastal Environments, Inc., an environmental consulting firm he founded in 1967.  The firm specializes in basic and applied science applications and cultural resources management in the Northern Gulf Coast Region and Lower Mississippi Valley.
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